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Austin Powder Argentina S.A. is a subsidiary of Austin Powder International, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

It has been present in Argentina since 1993, when it bought an explosive manufacturing company located in Rafaela, province of Santa Fe. The explosive production of these plants dates back to the year 1959.

Austin Powder Argentina is a leader company within the domestic explosive market; it provides services and products to the mining industry, quarries, cement factories and limestone quarries, as well as the petroleum industry for seismic prospecting.

It focuses on client's satisfaction through the manufacturing of a whole line of domestic products.

Austin Powder Argentina has gained a prominent position in the local market as a result of the Quality and Safety of its products, and the excellence of its services: comprehensive advice, permanent technical support and blasting services.

It exports to Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, South Africa, and Ecuador, and eventually, to Brazil and Chile, from Argentina.

The company's industrial complexes are located in the cities of Rafaela and Bella Italia in the province of Santa Fe, where the explosive product line is manufactured.

It has a distribution center in Tandil, province of Buenos Aires, and an operations center in Cerro Vanguardia, Mina Pirquitas and Cerro Negro.

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